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Ramji fireworks Is quite an established factory in kakivadanpatti, Sivakasi. The factory is being run successfully for the past three decades and diversified in 4-5 sub verticals within the fireworks vertical. The founder of this company is Mr. Kannan alias Kandhasamy partnering with Mr.Subburaj. They have sweated a lot bringing this company to lime light and now this is an established one in the south market. Partners scrutinizing this market debuts in internet technology to showcase their firework brand worldwide results in this maiden effort of establishing this site pan world. Firework industry is an established one and this almost engulfs all sectors irrespective of their insights. Crackers always accompanies glee and hence it urges entrepreneurs in this industry to toss internet marketing.

We pioneered this market in 1987 and stepped foot cautiously in four other sub verticals. Boastfully we say our factory is ascertained with right and customized crackers guaranteeing happiness to multiply invariably. Crackers industry needs continuous innovation to edge the competitors. We always focus on quality products affordable for economy sector. Never in our venture history products tagged as unsatisfactory where due diligence takes us to bang the success gong. Lots to unleash but let repertoire stoppers till it hit the success blasts.

Blast off our products with brash vehemence !!!!.

Catch Us @ - sales@sriramjifireworks.com

Mobile No :- +91 9442148626, 9176637060